Thursday, October 1, 2015

Victoria | Don't Look | Strike A Pose | Ventura California

Good morning!! Buenos dias, bom dia, bonjour!!!
 That's all I know. 
Happy Thursday!!! 

    I decided to share more photos of my beautiful cousin Victoria. I've selected shots of her not looking directly at the camera. 

It's great when I can naturally catch someone not looking at me, but sometimes I will specifically tell the person "ok, now don't look at me, just look away".  For some it's a bit awkward at first "look where?" they say in a panic, and I just tell them to think of something peaceful and look anywhere.  After a few tries, they relax and it becomes a bit more natural. 

Directing people to pose, yet making it look like a natural shot isn't always easy. It just takes a little practice, and a LOT of patience.  Ok, maybe make that a LOT of practice too. In the end, the natural not staring dead on at the camera shots, make for great images. 

 Who is she looking at, what is she thinking of... I love when people are not so posed, not so "picture ready" there's no -  "smile, say cheese" -  It's just someone looking out at nothing you specifically can see or know but rather, can only imagine. 

Different angles emit different feelings, different possibilities..  

But... It's always a good time to have a beautiful bright-eyed smiley face looking directly at you!!

The end.

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Piece of Me | Zannie's Road Trip take 2 | California | The Single Life

Take a look at part due of my solo single girl's road trip I took  this past summer... highlights in my hair, sun kissed skin... It was 3 weeks of me, driving around California, going where I wanted, doing what I wanted when I wanted, seeing who I wanted (or didn't want) to see.. My solo trip taught me a lot about myself, the kindness of my friends, and the magical freedom of being... dare I say it?? Single.

Being single is such a tough life... 
we single people take 3 week long road trips,
 and visit cool places alone like.. wineries in Napa

We take the time to smell the roses
 and pay attention to the details

We wonder what it would be like 
to be a statue and pose as such

We do not go anywhere "escorted"

We venture off and do our own thing,
 be it down a lonely path or through a crowded street...

We paint our nails red 
and have non-professionals take our photo..

We come across many lonely paths... 
in fact, we seek them out!

We are like fountains, 
we put out only to replenish ourselves 
(take that however you'd like)

We study plants and their scientific names.

We capture ourselves in reflections,
 i.e., the artistic selfie

We see light at the end of our
 dark, dreary, lonely path,
 and it's usually accompanied by wine

We stand in complete awe at our awesome loneliness

We watch the World Cup
 at public places 
where there's plenty of beer

Doors are everywhere 

We stand and stare at
 crop dusters wondering 
if the pesticides will kill us

The End.

Hope you enjoyed my solo road trip!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Piece of Me | Sunday Funday Randomness | Ventura California

Good morning, Cyberspace Peeps!! 

Happy Sunday Funday!! 

I am happy to announce that back in November 2014 I officially moved to Ventura!! Alone. LOVE it. Have you ever lived alone? I have.  It's great. My pick of Netflix, music, what to cook or not cook, clean when I want, room temperature preference, clothing optional, silence when desired... the list goes on... my tiny casita is basically a shoebox with a wall down the middle...  a nice front patio (that's like bigger than my living room) all to myself in the BEAUTIFULLY landscaped backyard of a lovely couple to whom I'm so grateful for choosing me as their tenant. Couldn't be happier.. except if maybe I had a washer and dryer but...  can't always have it all. I am so truly happy and thrilled beyond words to be back home in California, living in Ventura and loving life.  

New York taught me many life lessons, but I hope to never leave California ever again... EVER. Unless, to perhaps live in Barcelona for a year or two... but other than that, it will take a stick of dynamite to get me out of here!! I was born here in Ventura thirty some years ago... (uhmmm) just down like 5 blocks from mi casa at Community Memorial. Raised in Santa Paula (the next town over), SP will always be "home" but Ventura now feels like home too.

Here are a few photos I took this past summer exploring around Ventura, California on foot with my trusty Canon... Did I mention it feels so BEYOND AMAZING to be back home???

I started the day off scouting for my next shoot.. Main Street, Ventura.  This proved to be an ideal spot as featured in my last blog post:  

(last photo).

A random walk through some downtown side streets..

It's all how you look at things.... #angles

I seem to be obsessed with Cactus and 
who doesn't love Lavender...

In Ventura, you never know who you'll meet...

There's always time for ice cream....

Last random shot of the day... Caught me unprepared,(thus a little over-exposed), but just makes me think "so Ventura" - 
Love it!!

The End.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Victoria | Sneak Peek | Santa Paula | Ventura | California

Good Morning!!

Here are a few photos of a shoot I did yesterday with my GORGEOUS baby cousin, who... is no longer a baby... Victoria is becoming a beautiful young lady graced with poise, manners, kindness and she's related to me, so she's super fun to be around!!!  ;)

THANK YOU, Victoria, for spending the afternoon with your crazy old cousin. We will definitely schedule another photo shoot come winter, that is, if winter ever gets here... Boots, scarves, and hats are calling my name.

More of this fun Santa Paula & Ventura California shoot to come.

Stay tuned. And send out some fall/winter vibes, would ya???

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Randomness | Michelle | Studio Shoot

Monday, Monday...

I decided to post a few shots I took of my lovely friend, Michelle.  I'm not really a fan of studio work, personally - (I LOVE the outdoors and natural light too much), but when Michelle invited me to her studio to help out with a shoot, I was happy to oblige; and took advantage of shooting her after her subject was gone.  Did that sound really harsh - referring to as person as a subject??? Anyhow... studio shoots, NOT my thing.  None the less... we had a great time playing with lighting, drinking wine, calming nerves.  Drinking while working in the studio is ALWAYS permitted (maybe studio work isn't so bad).

THANK YOU, Michelle, for being my model for the evening and more importantly, for being an AWESOME FRIEND.